Ancient Amulet

The Ancient Amulet was discovered by the party in an ancient tomb beneath a Spire farmstead while they were investigating the disappearance of the family living there. It was on the body of the tiefling entombed there, and the party immediately sensed powerful, though dormant, magic from it.

An Object Reading ritual showed that the amulet was forged by the a hideous creature that they later learned was the archdevil Baalzenefarath-Ra. They also discovered that its owner was a Tiefling woman, likely royalty, who had been assassinated. When asked to see the amulet’s purpose, they saw a landscape and city reduced to flames and rubble.

The party kept the amulet under constant guard, not knowing its true power or purpose, but believing that it possessed a catastrophic power that someone knew of and was searching for.

During a Speak With Dead ritual on the Tiefling woman’s corpse, the party learned that the amulet was forged by Baalzenefarath-Ra, who was her adviser and consort, for her coronation; its magic was meant to protect her.

The necromancer Arianne Lorvas and her lover, Armos Kamroth attempted to get their hands on the amulet through various means both direct and indirect. Armos wanted to use it to unlock its power for his own purposes, but needed to recruit Frost and his reserve of knowledge to do so.

After the party discovered the amulet, The Lady persistently commanded Ruin to take the amulet to Caer Kahziel, but would not say why. When they finally brought it to the city while on the run from Armos to seek out answers, The Lady used Friedrich to inscribe runes on the teleportation circle and used the amulet as a component for some ritual that opened connections to other planes. During this ritual, Baalzenefarath-Ra appeared and declared that he was going to take over the world, but was banished in a bright light. During this ritual, a Beholder also appeared while the planar connection was open.

On the spot on which the ritual took place, The Lady planted a seed that grew into a tree at an uncanny rate. The tree has some connection to the Feywild, which was believed to be only a myth until that point; establishing a connection with that plane seemed to be the purpose of the ritual.

Ancient Amulet

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