The Lady

The Archfey who owns Ruin's soul


Apparently, she looks like an elf-on-a-shelf crossed with a Troll doll.


A powerful Archfey who inhabited the body of Friedrich in order to get close to Ruin and bargain with him for his soul in exchange for power. She would occasionally appear as an ugly face in place of Friedrich’s to communicate with Ruin.

She had been manipulating Ruin, coercing him into doing tasks for her under threat of losing his soul forever. She tried to get him to steal the Ancient Amulet from Frost and take it to Caer Kahziel for reasons unknown.

When the amulet was finally taken to Caer Kahziel, she used Friedrich to inscribe strange runes into the city’s teleportation circle and used the amulet, mixed with some of Ruin’s blood, to perform a ritual that opened a connection to other planes — more specifically, the Feywild, although a Beholder from an aberrant plane slipped through the cracks and attacked. Additionally, during the ritual, the archdevil who had created the amulet appeared and tried to escape into the world, but disappeared and was presumed killed in a flash of white light.

After the battle with the Beholder, she accepted Ruin’s offer to trade his soul to her eternal service in exchange for her bringing Frost back to life

The Lady

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